Accepting Powerlessness Makes You Look Powerful

Today I visited an exposition of Dorothea Lange in Paris.

What stroke me the most, was the beauty and strength of true, simple, humble human beings.

People in her photographs are supposed to be (and in fact they were) hopeless, desperate and simply they had no vision of future. However, paradoxically, I felt the determination to live, willpower to survive and bravery to face their dismal fate.

Maybe, it’s their acceptance of their powerlessness against their fate, the fact that they have no material objects to decorate themselves with, or their simplicity and authenticity… that makes them look purely solid and bold.

People become fearless once they accept their biggest fear.

People become strong once they accept their weakness.

People become truly themselves once they lose everything but their own soul.

Human beings are the most beautiful when they are naked – no material possessions, no social status, no desires to dress themselves up – with only dignity by their side.

That’s what I thought…


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