Mass Consumption to Over Consumption

Eating is always a pleasure, but over-eating is not.

After consecutive festive meals with rich plates and sweet desserts during the winter vacation, I was somewhat tired of eating… It sounds almost disrespectful, but the mere idea of food upset me, which leads me to think of the current society that works on the system of consumption.

What if people started to get tired of consuming? Consuming is nice when you are hungry, but once you’re full, it only disturbs you. We have already started to witness some effects of mass consumption; minimalistic trends, quality over quantity, socially-responsible purchase decisions, buying local foods… It seems that people started to look for new values other than materialistic value. It could be health, environment, or the well-being of society.

I realized myself becoming one of them too. All those heavy advertisements and substitution of happiness with consumption annoy me, and sometimes even frighten me. I am slowly leaning toward intangible, non-materialistic values; family, sunlight in the afternoon, boredom, walking around cities, conversation with people, memories, serenity of nature…



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