“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” … and so is Power

Politics, especially recent geopolitics concerning Middle East, makes me think a lot on Power.

Power is a tricky thing; once we have it (even though we didn’t need it), you want more, or at least maintain. Whenever I read articles on political affairs, I realize it’s (almost) all about keeping the power.

That’s where conflicts start; the olds want to maintain the power and the news want to seize the power. Nobody considers power as something floating like wind, something fluid like water, something impossible to seize like fire.

In order for the power to be alive, it needs to keep moving, breathing.

For this reason, there’s no such thing as “maintaining the power balance”. The phrase is contradicting itself. Power cannot be settled down to one’s hands forever. Power cannot stay in one place forever.

Those who see this principle of power and accept that power cannot be controlled, in my view, will at least be able to see where the power is going and prepare for it.


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